Radical Pro-Abortion Lobby Continues Effort to Silence TN Voters

Featured in ‘NO’ ads, Planned Parenthood Board Chair Tracey George is Plaintiff Claiming that voter rights were violated and that ballots were not accurately counted in Tuesday’s election, pro-abortion opponents of Amendment 1 have filed suit in federal court asking for the results to be nullified. 

Yes on 1 responded and called the lawsuit one more example of pro-abortion activists refusing to trust the “common sense and compassion” of Tennesseans who voted to approve Amendment 1 on November 4.

“Amendment 1 was passed with a decisive majority of Tennesseans casting a vote to approve the language,” said Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life and a coordinator for Yes on 1.  “Even if you wrongly discount those who may have voted for Amendment 1 but not in the Governor’s race, there is still a margin of almost 20,000 votes in favor of the amendment.”

“Rather than accept defeat, Planned Parenthood and the nation’s pro-abortion movement are willing to disenfranchise Tennessee voters in order to ensure that Tennessee remains an abortion destination with uninspected, unlicensed abortion facilities,” said Harris.  “That was unacceptable on election day and it remains so days after the passage of Amendment 1.”

Yes on 1 remains confident that the pro-abortion lawsuit is a waste of resources and that courts will recognize the clear majority of voters who supported passage of Amendment 1.

“We are moving forward to prepare legislation that will restore common sense protections in our state and which reflect the will of the voters as clearly demonstrated in Tuesday’s election,” said Harris. “To do otherwise would be an abdication of the trust placed in us by Tennessee’s electorate.”

Review of Vote Counts:

1,353,728 combined votes were cast for all candidates running in Governor’s race.

1,386,355 combined votes were cast for and against Amendment 1.

32,627 more votes were cast for Amendment 1 than the number cast in the Governor’s race. 

Amendment 1 required 676,865 YES votes to pass. 

Amendment 1 received 729,163 YES votes or 52.6%.

Amendment 1 received 52,298 Yes votes in excess of those needed for passage.

Even if you disqualify the number of Amendment 1 votes not voting in the Governor’s race but who cast a vote for or against the amendment, YES on 1 still enjoyed a margin of 19,671 votes above the number needed for approval.