Tennessee Ranks 3rd Nationally in the Percentage of Out-of-State Abortions

Tennessee now ranks only behind Kansas and North Dakota in the percent of abortions by out-of-state residents.

According to Anita Wadhwani with The Tennessean, “Newly released data on abortion in Tennessee reveal a steady decline in the number of abortions performed over the past decade and a steady increase in the percentage of out-of-state women heading to Tennessee for the procedure.”

Wadhwani continues by pointing out that the while the total number of abortions performed in Tennessee  is down 6 percent from a decade ago, “the percentage of women coming from outside Tennessee for abortions increased by more than 30 percent”.

Because each of Tennessee’s 8 border states have active policies requiring informed consent, waiting periods and regulation of abortion facilities by state Departments of Health, Tennessee has become a destination for women, girls, spouses, partners and parents seeking unregulated abortion.  In 2010, 24.5% of abortions in Tennessee were performed on women residing out-of-state.

These common sense policies once passed by Tennessee’s General Assembly were struck down by the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2000.  Now, Tennessee boasts a broader right to abortion than that recognized by Roe v. Wade or the U.S. Constitution.

As a result of the pro-abortion ruling by Tennessee’s Supreme Court in 2000, Tennesseans can no longer enforce common sense protections for abortion-vulnerable women or unborn children.

Approval of Amendment 1 by Tennessee voters would allow passage and enforcement of these common sense policies which are designed to protect the health and safety of women and girls considering abortion.

Join with other concerned Tennesseans in support of Amendment 1 by signing the pledge to vote YES on 1 on November 4, 2014.